On this Projects page, you'll find a selection of my areas of interest and research.


In 1900 Hilbert listed proving or disproving this hypothesis as one of the most important unsolved problems confronting modern mathematics and it is central to understanding the overall distribution of the primes. Fascination with the Riemann Hypothesis has engaged me for decades, as you can read in my Blog Post


t13 sub committee

"Technical Committee T13 is responsible for all interface standards relating to the popular AT Attachment (ATA) storage interface utilized as the disk drive interface on most personal and mobile computers today."

I have a very strong interest in all aspects of Hard Disk Drives. I am currently undertaking some research into ATA Secure Erase Protocols. In particular, how these protocols engage with the new challenges posed by SSDs, increased awareness of privacy needs, and resilience toward laboratory level data remanence and countermeasures.


superluminal motion

My 1980s Tomorrow's World book stated, "Neutrinos are emitted from the interior of the sun. They have no mass, no charge, only the energy of spin. They are detected by a 400,000 gallon tank of dry cleaning fluid in the Nevada desert, as they leave behind a luminous trail. They are also known to travel marginally faster than the speed of light."

I am still trying to dig out the original text but I know what I read. These days, of course, one would be scoffed at for suggesting that anything at all can travel faster than 186,282.397 miles per second (299,792,458 metres per second)

Relatively recently (pardon the pun) there was the controversy surrounding the "anomaly" of the CERN experiments with regards to superluminality. Firstly the belief that superluminal motion had been measured followed by a denial citing GPS synchronisation errata. I'm still curious. My gut tells me there are no absolute limits. If history has taught us anything, it's that the greatest held beliefs can be amended, appended and even replaced by new knowledge.