Prime Number Musings . . .

The beauty of integers, i.e. whole numbers, is this. Consider 1 x ashtray. Whilst it may be a small snack to an alien race whose diet consists of glass, and to us a receptacle for stubbing out a cig; its property of "one" ness or "1" ness transcends time and space. It's property of the integer 1 is universal.

One of my interests is prime numbers and the determination of a pattern for their placement. As such I have been trying very hard for some years to get my teeth into the Riemann Hypothesis (a 1 million USD prize is a small incentive)

Consider integers as individual ball bearings spaced evenly from here to eternity. One has to surmise that there is no ostensible difference between, say, 5 and 6 & 1,000,000,005 and 1,000,000,006 . There is EXACTLY 1 ball bearing difference. So why the Sam Hill are there seemingly random distributions of prime numbers??!!

It has engaged my mind for decades. In case you're wondering, I believe the answer lies in geometric representation of dimension and involves imaginary numbers. Can't say much more as I'd have to shoot you  lol Look at the progress Euclid (IMHO possible the greatest mathematician of all time) - made through geometry.

Assuming that integers are indeed the lowest common denominator of human understanding and empirical quantification - there MUST be a pattern. Either way, I will devote my entire life to its pursuit.